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Frederick Douglass Project


  “And that angelic face gave place to that of a demon,” writes Frederick about Mrs. Auld.  Frederick uses this metaphor to tell you how slavery changed Mrs. Auld.  When Frederick first went to live with Mrs. Auld she was a sweet women who had never owned a slave, and had never had the irresponsible power over a human.  Then not too long after Frederick went to live with the Auld family, did this power twist Mrs. Auld from her sweet loving self to a hardened master.  There was a process to this happening.  First Mr. Auld butted in when Mrs. Auld was trying to teach Frederick to read.  He said if Frederick learned to read he would no longer be any good as a slave.  This let Mrs. Auld no she had to be harder on Frederick.  Later she realized that her slave would do anything she wanted it to do, and she had full power over it.  She became mean when Frederick did things wrong.  This was the end of his sweet mistress, and the beginning of a cruel demon.     


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